Pay Up or Get WannaCry Hit’ Extortion Email Spreading

A widespread new email scam purportedly from the WannaCry hackers attempts to shake down potential victims with threats of the ransomware if they don’t pay up-front. But according to Sophos, which spotted the scam, the attackers don’t really have the WannaCry malware in hand. “Simply put, it’s a protection racket, where you’re being stood over […]

How to Protect Your Organization From Within

While stories of international espionage and government-sponsored hack attacks may captivate public attention, cyber security threats that originate from inside an organization pose a remarkably large threat. In fact, research suggests that insider threats account for anywhere from 60 to 75 percent of data breaches. Insider threats can range from the malicious, such as disgruntled ex-employees […]

Choosing An IP Phone System?

Considering changing your company phone system to an VOIP system? The problem can be that there are so many options and so many vendors. How do you navigate the myriad of choices when looking to implement a change? This article from FreePBX offers some insight and suggestions when considering making the move to VOIP.

How Did They Get My Password?

If you have ever wondered how hackers manage to get your passwords, this article from the Threat Brief, gives a good overview of some of the methods used and how you can protect yourself. Have you ever been hacked? Had to change your password due to a data breach? Share your comments and let us […]

Is your Android phone a ‘toxic hellstew’ of vulnerabilities? There’s an app to help you find out

It seems that some Android smartphone makers are lying to users about the patch status of their devices, telling them that they’re up-to-date when they aren’t. Here’s how to find out if your Android smartphone is lying to you. The first step is to take a trip to the Google Play Store and download SnoopSnitch, an app […]

5 Ways to Prevent Ransomware from Crippling Your Organization Like Atlanta

Last week’s ransomware attack on the City of Atlanta’s networks reminds us that ransomware can result in downtime and lost productivity.  Ransomware is a type of malware deployed by threat actors to prevent or limit users from accessing their system or networks until a ransom is paid.  Nearly 10 days after the attack, some municipal offices were still unable […]

How many can detect a major cyber-security incident within an hour?

Less than half of all organizations were able to detect a major cybersecurity incident within one hour. Even more concerning, less than one-third said that even if they detected a major incident, they would be unable to contain it within an hour, according to LogRhythm. The study, conducted by Widmeyer, which surveyed 751 IT decision makers […]

What to Do if Your Email Is Hacked

What to Do if Your Email Is Hacked If a scammer has swiped your password and is using your account to spew spam, take action and add measures to help stop it from happening again. Read  J. D. Biersdorfer explain what you should do if you find that your email account is hacked on NY […]